• person_pinAbout me

    I'm working at the forefront of financial technologies, bringing financial inclusion and literacy to everybody. I believe that an open standard accompanied by technology will disrupt the financial landscape we face to today. Designing solutions that are able to scale into the millions, that are accessible to everybody, and open for innovation will allow the inclusion of currently untapped people, bringing them back into the economy.

    Today's solutions and technologies are made for people already part of the economy, providing valued added services to ease their lives. This approach still has a blind spot, the billions of people who don't have access to the economy at all. It is my goal to create a solution that is open to include everybody, and to design services that help everybody to gain financial literacy.

    • Specialties
    • Design and implementation in Java in all layers (UI to RDBMS)
    • RESTful APIs for integration into various systems
    • Effective algorithms to reach near real time processing
    • Evaluating and selecting proper technology to focus on business value instead of maintaining home brewn infrastructure
  • workExperience
    • since March, 2017
      Chief Technology Officer at Kuelap, Inc.
      Responsible to develop strategies and leverage technologies to enhance the cloud-native digital financial service platform. Leading the engineering team and collaborating with partners, business development teams, and vendors. Helping to build, manage, and validate the product roadmap. Defining and ensuring best practices.
    • April, 2015 - February 2017
      Chief Architect at Mifos Initiaitive
      Responsible for the evolution of the Mifos X platform. Leading the design and architecture of the platform to become the true Open Source Core Banking System for Financial Inclusion. Selecting proper technologies and frameworks to fulfill this goal. Mentoring students and volunteers. Creating Best Practices, Hands On and Training Material.
    • May, 2014 - March, 2015
      Senior Software Engineer at iTAC Software AG
      Worked on manufacturing execution system product. Built a business intelligence portal utilizing Actuates iHUB product. Worked on an open data access implementation to access data using existing services.
    • Juli, 2012 - April, 2014
      Service Layer Arcitect at Recommind, Inc.
      Led the ongoing evolution of the service layer. Created best practices, training material and How To's for the engineering teams. Reviewed RESTful interfaces. Planned further development of the service layer to reach product maturity.

      Worked on e-discovery product. Built an application programming interface for the NoSQL database product. Evaluated and implemented next evolution of the e-discovery product using Spring and a Web 2.0 stack. Built a RESTful interface for the e-discovery product.
    • August, 2010 - June, 2012
      Team Lead Product Development at SHD Einzelhandelssoftware Gmbh & Co KG
      Led the product development team with six members. Worked on enterprise resource planning product. Build a business intelligence center to track the visitor ratio and create financial statistics. Built a responsive point of sales system utilizing touch technologies. Evaluated and implemented the next evolution of the enterprise resource product using a Java Enterprise stack.
    • August, 2002 - July, 2010
      Senior Software Engineer at iTAC Software AG
      Worked on manufacturing execution system product, and built an ETL of large scale data. Developed a data warehouse and a quality management module. Evaluated and implemented the next evolution of the manufacturing execution system product using a Java Enterprise stack.
    • August, 2002 - July, 2010
      Software Engineer at OpenData Systemhaus AG (zetVisions AG)
      Created a web application to visualize mandates and relationships of investment management product.
  • assessmentSkills
    • Programming
    • Java
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
    • Techniques
    • OOA/OOD
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
    • Frameworks
    • JPA
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
    • REST
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
    • Tools
    • WildFly
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
    • Oracle DB
      Layer 1
      Layer 1
      Layer 1